18 Unique and Modern Home Decor Pieces from Women Designers

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Refresh your space with these unique pieces designed by women!

New home decor trends are a breath of fresh air that can transform your space and your state of mind. If you spend a lot of time at home, you know that your surroundings can affect your mood, energy, and productivity. This year has seen an increase of color and whimsy in home decor styles, which signals that now more than ever people want to feel joyful and comfortable in their homes.

These colorful and cozy pieces will enliven your dwelling and put a smile on your face. And—to top it all off—you can proudly support female designers who value sustainability as much as you do. Smiles all around! Here are 18 eclectic, ethically-made pieces designed by women for you.

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1. Goober Candle by Talbot and Yoon


A statement candle is a dual-functioning delight: ambiance lighting and a piece of wax art. New York Architects Youngjin Yoon and Mark Talbot molded the Goober Candle after an old Disney animation technique, and you'll agree they're Pixar perfect.

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2. “Endless Summer” Flat Weave Rug by Cold Picnic


Partners Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer founded their brand Cold Picnic with an eye for the abstract. Their unique designs come in a range of complementary color palettes, and their "Endless Summer" Rug evokes a warm, summer sunset.

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3. Jumbo Ripple Glasses by Sophie Lou Jacobsen


These retro Jumbo Ripple Glasses are literally designed to make you feel happier. Creator Sophie Lou Jacobsen "aims to alter perspectives and ultimately mood" with her joyful glassware.

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4. Kitchen Sponge by Sponge.NYC


Crocheted as a traditional Korean pastime, these handcrafted sponges are the passion project of Korean American designer Alexandria Pak. Mix and match colors to add a pop of vibrance and playfulness to your kitchen. Washing dishes will no longer be a chore!

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5. Jipi Japa Placemats in Magenta (Set of 6) by Jipi by Ames


More multicolored magic comes from this retro set of plant fiber placemats. Another world traveler, these mats are designed by native Colombian Ana María Calderon Kayser and handwoven by artisans in the Andes.

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6. Macrame Fruit Hammock by Lesli Lenover


Macrame planters and wall art are still in fashion, but you can stand out by hanging your fruit in macrame instead! Handcrafted by designer Lesli Lenover, who began her business as a hobby to unwind after work, the macrame fruit hammock will remind you to recline and hang loose.

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7. Bamboo Coasters in Pink Abstract Set by Poketo


You won’t forget to use a coaster with the vivid palette of this splashy set. Poketo founders Angie Myung and Ted Vadakan focus on eco-friendly objects with delightful designs.

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8. Cactus Cocktail Glassware by Kim Savoie


Get the party started with gleaming cactus glassware that won’t hurt to hold. Perfect for a bar cart display, these succulent, statement-making pieces by glassblower Kim Savoie were forged with fancifulness.

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9. Small Coral + Clay Fani Trivet by KAZI


This warm-toned, woven trivet could hang on a wall as easily as it could rest on a table. Founders Alicia Wallace and Greg Stone of KAZI ethically employ African artisans and seek to end poverty in remote regions worldwide.

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10. Reclaimed Serving Board by Stacy Borocz


Upcycled with the wood of old Hungarian buildings, designer Stacy Borocz created the Reclaimed Serving Board as an understated pedestal for your favorite provisions. Each handcrafted piece is unique—just like the food you’ll serve on it.

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11. 12oz Glass Tumbler Candle by Ritual and Fancy


Keep the colors coming with the gorgeous dried flowers featured on women and POC-owned Ritual and Fancy’s soy candles. Choose from an array of aromatic fragrances like Apple Spice, Rain Water, or Sandalwood Rose.

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12. Irregular Mirror by Studio Luu


Women-owned small business Studio Luu makes dreamy house goods from their home base in San Francisco. Their Irregular Mirror comes in two wavy silhouettes that will reinvigorate your reflection.

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13. Cul De Sac Bath Mat by Cold Picnic


So nice they’re included twice: Cold Picnic can also rescue bathroom floors from dullness with their playful, polychromatic bath mats.

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14. Hang Anywhere Shelf Duo by Jaime Esslinger and Michael Smith


The Hang Anywhere Shelf Duo is accurately named—just use a single nail to install it. The natural twine will hang straight without the need for a level. Both practical and stylish, makers Jaimer Esslinger and Michael Smith design with your ease in mind.

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15. Simple White Stoneware Planter by Katie Mudd


This sweetly spotted planter is an easy accent for any room. Ceramicist and designer Katie Mudd uses locally-sourced materials from her company’s home in the Pacific Northwest.

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16. Luna Upcycled Blanket in Brisa by Nipomo


Mother and daughter team Elizabeth and Liz Clark collaborate with Mexican weavers to design their bright and geometric blankets. Their creative colorways and soft textiles will uplift and inspire you.

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17. Eclipse Dot Throw Pillow by Anchal Project


Abstract but not overwhelming, this simple study of neutrals is a versatile throw pillow for any couch or armchair. It’s made with organic cotton and a down feather insert by the sister-owned, non-profit company Anchal Project.

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18. Acrylic Desktop Organizer Set by Poketo


Another Poketo original, this iridescent acrylic desktop organizer is a whimsical and sensible addition to your home, because we all bought a desk last year. Now you can upgrade your work-from-home workspace with quirky, quality accouterments.

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