Wisconsin Lingo - You Betcha It’s A Thing! How Many Words Do You Know?

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You can't say you're a native until you ACE this quiz, dontcha know?

Calling all Wisconsin locals. You need to know a whole lot about Wisconsin food, slang, sports teams and cheese to pass this tricky quiz! Up to it?

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Are you a Wisconsin local? Lifelong native? Or maybe you just moved to the Badger State! Or even so, maybe you're just a frequent tourist and visitor of the lovely Midwestern state located right in the Great Lakes Region. Sure, being that far North, Wisconsin locals have to deal with some serious winter weather and cold temperatures. But, living in Wisconsin isn't without it's perks. Wisconsinites also get to enjoy all four beautiful seasons, gorgeous summers, and the convenience of being so close to the Great Lakes (which does contribute to the cold winter weather). And that's not even mentioning the fantastic cheese all Wisconsinites have come to love! They're not called Cheeseheads for no reason. Many other United States members don't know all that much about the Midwestern, "flyover states," but they're seriously missing out! These midwestern states like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana have so much local charm to offer! And these states all have their own slang, lingo, weekend traditions, tourist hotspots, and LOYAL love for sports teams. Some serious loyalty for sports teams. Don't cross these teams and their rivalries. Chances are that if you're a native of one of these midwestern states, you know a lot about your state and are proud of it! And you should be! These Midwestern states are pretty cool. Not from the Midwest? Not a problem. Women.com has so many other general knowledge quizzes for you to explore! In topics like spelling, grammar, history, science, and general trivia. These 2 minute quizzes are a great, quick escape from the stresses of your every day life. So go ahead, take a break from your work day, or your evening to ACE this quiz on whatever topic you choose! But be warned: they might be a little tricker than you think! Good luck, and enjoy!

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