No, It’s Not Gibberish - It’s Texas Lingo! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

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A true Texan can ace this quiz! And if you don't, well, bless your heart.

Take this ultimate quiz about Texas food, culture, and slang to prove that you're a real local. Don't even think about cheating! You up to it?

 Dec 15, 2018

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Don't y'all try lying to your mama now. She won't fall for it!
Yeah, this ain't her first rodeo!
Yeah, this ain't her second rodeo!
Yeah, this ain't her last rodeo!

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Texas high school kids love giving and receiving ______, which are very large, very elaborate corsages.
Flower crowns
Flower bracelets

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A true Texan says ________ to a group of people!
"Hey, y'all!"
"What's up, bros?"
"Hey, you all!"

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If a Texan says someone is "all hat and no cattle," what does that mean?
They're very mean
They are way too smart
They're all talk and can't deliver!

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What might you say to someone gossiping about others?
Stop being mean!
Don't be angry!
Quit being ugly!

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"I'm fixin' to go out tonight!" means __.
I might go out!
I'm getting ready to go out!
I don't want to go out!

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"I was really nervous but you were as calm as a ____ bug!"

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"Quit saying those ugly things or I'll make you leave! You're really ______."
Raisin' Cain!
Raisin' Lazarus!
Raisin' cattle!

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Sometimes, a huge field of blooming ________ is just too pretty to pass by!

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Someone who's VERY angry is:
Grumpy as a mother hog!
Madder than a wet hen!
Angrier than a rodeo bull!

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If you don't trust someone, you'd say:
"He can't even grow his own corn!"
"Even the hens won't lay eggs for him!"
"I wouldn't trust him any farther than I could throw him!"

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Why wouldn't you want to do something that'll go "until the cows come home?"
Because it'll take years!
Because it'll take only a few minutes!
Because it'll take all day!

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"I thought I lost the tv remote, but there it was, sitting on the table in front of me bigger 'n' Dallas!"
Aw, it was broken!
It was right in front of you the whole time!
Yeah, remotes always try to hide from you.

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If Bigfoot lives in the Pacific Northwest, and the Jersey Devil lives in the Pine Barrens, then the ______ must live in Texas!

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"I can't even believe he said that! It was so rude. Threw me right into a gosh darn ______!"
Grump fit!
Conniption fit!

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"Yeah, you definitely _______!"
Bopped a pig's snout!
Flew off the handle!
Tipped a cow over!

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________ may sound like encouragement, but you might not want to seem so happy to be on the receiving end!
"Bless your heart"
"Bless your soul"
"Bless your spirit"

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A Texas country fried steak meal is never complete without the:
Cornbread, of course
Gravy, of course
Green beans, of course

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Someone who's really attractive is called:
A looker!
A cute bluebonnet!
A tall glass of cola!

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"There's no way I'm going out there in this weather! It's hotter than ______!"
My boots can take
Mama's kitchen
All git out

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You'll always have so much pride for the ________ in your heart, because nowhere else in the world even comes close!
Lone Star State
Show Me State
Rodeo State
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