Texas Slang - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Are y'all up to the challenge?

How much do you know about Texas lingo, sports teams, favorite foods and historic sites? Ace this quiz to prove that you're a real expert! Up to it?

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Howdy y'all! If you're on this quiz, well then you must be a Texas native! And if not a native, you must be a Texas enthusiast, transplant, frequent visitor, or tourist! And who could blame you! Texas is one huuuuge state packed with lots of unique culture, amazing food, lots of universities and dozens of great sports teams. This state has a little bit of everything and for anyone, no matter your interest. You just need to be able to deal with some hot temperatures during much of the year. In fact, many Texas natives actually prefer their weather that hot... It's what they're used to! With a giant population of 28.3 million, it definitely must not bother people too much.

Listen up though, if you want to stand a chance of passing or acing this quiz, you're going to need to know a whole lot about the Lone Star State. A whole lot. You'll need to know about Tex Mex, the Cowboys, real cowboys, rodeos, Bluebell icecream and so much more! If any of that sounds unfamiliar to you, you might want to stay away from this eighteen question quiz. Because it dives deep into what slang and popular foods make Texas, Texas.

If you are not one of the 28 million who get to call Texas home, don't worry. Whatever state you might hail from or call home now, there is, without a doubt, a quiz on that state. Because there's something so special about reconnecting and reminiscing with fellow locals over your home state. No two states are alike! Each still has their own traditions and lingo. So if you think you know Texas's, then go ahead and start this quiz. Hopefully you can ace it!

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