Quiz: Could You Be a Sociopath?

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Are you a sociopath? Are you absolutely sure? Take this quiz to find out.

Worried you might be a sociopath? Take our quiz now to find out! But remember, how quiz isn't an accurate diagnosis, it's purely for entertainment!

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Women.com quizzes aren't an acceptable diagnosis for any personality disorder. Seriously, they're just for fun. If you think you or a loved one are suffering from a personality disorder, it's best to be properly diagnosed by a medical professional.

Only about 3 percent of men and 1 percent of women have antisocial personality disorder. Sociopathic individuals are compulsive liars, manipulative, irresponsible, and somehow manage to effectively fool everyone else into believing they're not. Do you display any sociopathic tendencies? Take this quiz to find out if you could be a sociopath.

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