Can You Ace This Ultimate Ohio Quiz? Bet Not!

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Real Buckeyes only, please!

Ace this quiz on all things Ohio, like food, weekend traditions and slang to prove that you're a true Buckeye. Think you're up to the challenge?

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Are you an Ohio enthusiast? An Ohio lover? An Ohio local? Then this quiz might be just right for you! This twenty two question quiz completely tests your knowledge of all things Ohio, like Ohio foods, sports, favorite pastimes, customs, traditions, lingo, and slang. Just to name a couple of things. You might be a local or a lifelong native. Or maybe you're just someone who really, really loves Ohio. It doesn't matter how much or how little time you've spent in the Buckeye State. All that matters is how much you care and how much Ohio trivia you've held onto. Even if you've moved away from a state, it's always fun to look back fondly on childhood memories. No matter where you may move to, your home state is always your home state. So keep on repping that Ohio pride for as long as you live! You can't ever stop being a Buckeye. If you're not an Ohio local, native, or enthusiast, then yes, you might be in the wrong place here in this Ohio quiz. But, don't sweat it. has a plethora of other state quizzes. In fact, has geography, trivia and lingo quizzes for every single state. That's right... all fifty of them! So no matter where you call home, you can connect with other natives over fun trivia pertaining to that state. And after you've aced all your state trivia and lingo, you can head on over to's general knowledge quizzes. has a wide array of quizzes in a variety of topics like science, grammar, spelling, television, vocabulary, and movies. Go ahead and get started on this quiz. It's just the brief mental break you need from your hectic day!

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