No It's Not Gibberish - It's Montana Speak! How Many Words Do You Know?

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Caution Montanans: This quiz is tricky!

Hey Montana locals, think you can ace this tricky quiz on Montana lingo, customs, foods and pronunciation? Get all 18 questions right to prove it!

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Howdy there, Montana locals, natives, transplants, enthusiasts, visitors, and tourists! This here is a tricky, eighteen question quiz about the great state of Montana! Only about one million people get to call this state home, so if you're one of those million... well then, you should consider yourself pretty lucky! Montana is actually the 3rd least densely populated state, only ahead of Alaska and Wyoming. But the people that do live in Montana cherish the state and even refer to it as Big Sky Country, The Treasure State and utilize slogans like "Land of the Shining Mountains" and "The Last Best Place." Just going off of those nicknames and slogans, you can tell that this is a pretty incredible state. And if you want to have any chance of passing an eighteen question quiz about it, you're going to need to know a whole lot of Montana trivia. That's right. A whole lot. Things about Montana State University, Rocky Mountain Oysters, bunny huggers, extremely cold winter weather, bison, outdoor living, cowboys, huckleberries, outfits, and so, so much more. Some people might tend to forget about this state that only houses a million people, but being one of it's locals, you know just how special and unique it is.

If any of that sounded unfamiliar to you, however, you might not be a real Montana local. That's okay! has a whole host of other quizzes for you to take. And that includes all other forty nine states, dozens of cities, and all the regions. Wherever you call home, we have it. And beyond geography/lingo quizzes, we also have countless trivia quizzes on science, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and any other interests you can think of. If you really feel like you're up to the challenge, go ahead and start the quiz! You just might ace it...

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