Sorry Michiganders, There's No Way You'll Pass This MI Quiz! Up To It?

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For Michigan locals only! But can you really say you're one if you can't ace this quiz?

Think you know all things Michigan when it comes to food, slang, weekend traditions, and sports? Well here's your chance to prove it!

 Dec 08, 2018
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Why pull out a map of Michigan when you can just use your:
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Which festival is held every summer in Traverse?
The National Cherry Festival
National Strawberry Festival
Electric Forest
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Childhood summers are chock full of lake trips, fudge, saltwater taffy, and:
Neopolitan ice cream!
Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream!
Batman ice cream!
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How do you pronounce Mackinac?
It's Mac-i-naw!
Exactly how it's spelled
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You're only a yooper if:
You live on the Upper Peninsula
You're a tourist
You're from Ohio
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Okay, then what about Trolls?
They live on the Lower Peninsula!
They're the tourists!
Those are the people who don't know how to drive!
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But why are they called Trolls?!
Because living there is expensive
Because they're technically under the Mackinac Bridge. Ba dum tss!
Because they're mean
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Which of these seems like a magical, made-up world for children but is actually a real place in Michigan?
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Be honest, do you or do you not have at least one thing that's shaped like Michigan?
No way!
Okay, I do... But other people have more!
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You get your alcohol and snacks at the:
Party store
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You really don't have to look that hard to see that Michigan's Lower Peninsula is shaped like a:
Snow hat
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If someone says they want to play Euchre, you say:
Great! I'll get the board.
Fun! I'll grab the cards.
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What's a Michigan left turn?
An unprotected left across 3 lands of highway
Like a jughandle
When you make a right turn, then a U-turn at the next crossover
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Need a little color in your life? Every year, the Tulip Festival is held in _____, Michigan!
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If your mom says there's pasties on the table, you say:
Great, I was thirsty!
Yummy! I love meat filling inside a flaky crust.
Ew! Don't put those on the table!!!
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Which of the Great Lakes is at the top of the state?
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If you're in need of a refreshing, ginger flavored, carbonated soft drink, you should definitely grab a:
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Travel far and travel often, but truly, you're always glad to call the _____ State your home.
Great Lakes
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