Michigan Lingo - It's A Thing! Do You Know These 18 "Typical" MI Things?

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Let's see if you can pass this tricky Michiganders-only quiz! It's harder than you think.

Take this quiz about Michigan food, slang, and culture to prove you're a true Michigander. We're pretty sure it's harder than you think.

 Mar 25, 2019

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What in the world is a "yooper"?
Someone who lives in the U.P. and is practically Canadian
A tourist
Someone who just moved to Michigan

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So what's a troll then?
Someone who instigates on the internet
What yoopers call people who live under the Mackinac bridge (all of L.P.)
A mythical creature

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Mackinac? Mac - i - knack? Did I say that right?
Close. It's Mack - EYE - knack.
No, no, no. It's Mack - I - gnaw!

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__ is another name for the Mackinac Bridge.
The Small Mac
The Mighty Mac
The Long Mac

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Why is Michigan sometimes called, "The Mitten"?
It's oppressively hot
It snows a lot
The state is actually shaped like a hand.

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If you want to order a soda, you'd better say __.
Soft drink
Um. Soda?

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Pasties are __.
Small, delicious meat pies. Also, it's pAHsties.
What you wear if you don't want to wear a bra

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True or false? If you ask a Michigander where they live, they'll literally show you on their hands. Because Michigan is shaped like a hand.
Haha, false.
Oh, true.

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Where do Michiganders head for vacation?
The ocean
The Great Lakes
The mountains

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Ask someone from Michigan what their favorite ice cream was as kid and they'll say __.
Klondike Bars
Superman ice cream

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In Michigan, you're either a __ fan or a __ fan, but everyone hates __.
Michigan, Oakland, UNL
Michigan, State, Ohio State
Michigan, Grand Valley, NYU

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Which of these will seriously scare and confuse you if you've never been to Michigan?
The "Michigan Left Turn"

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Speaking of confusion, what's a beloved but confusing card game?

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Michiganders love to joke that the only two seasons are __ and __.
Winter and construction
Fall and raining
Summer and snowing

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Which of these is the name of a real city in Michigan?
Puerto Rico

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Which is the grocery store of choice in Michigan?

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Michiganders sort of get an extra holiday, since everyone considers the first day of _______ to be one.
Deer Hunting Season
Squirrel Catching Season
Ice Fishing Season

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No matter where you go, you'll always be proud to be from the __ State.
Tar Heel
Great Lakes
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Do you know the correct pronunciation for Mackinac? How about for pasties? Do you wear them or eat them? If you're a true Michigander, you'll know the answer to these and more. Let's find out how Michigan you really are.

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