5 Best Creepy Blogs For Halloween 2018

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Sleep? Who needs it?

5 Seriously Creepy Blogs You Need To Read This Halloween

Days are getting shorter and the air is getting chillier. Sometimes, on the walk back to your car, you notice it's just a little bit too dark out for comfort. You walk a little faster, but you get that tiny urge to check over your shoulder for….something.

It's that time of year again!

Halloween's coming up, so what better way to feed into that creepy feeling than with some appropriate blogs? Here are our favorite spooky blogs that really know how to scare people.

1. The Ghost In My Machine

The Ghost In My Machine is a well written, very entertaining blog that covers everything from urban legends, the best Creepypastas (see below), to "the most dangerous games." Some of our favorite stories are The Midnight Game, Kisaragi Station, and The Princess.

Each blog post reads like an informative, eerie data entry to a database of creepy things (it's worth noting that although the author doesn't make up these stories herself, she does a fantastic job of researching and compiling information about each story in a compelling way). There's enough content to keep you entertained for hours, but be warned: Sleep might be hard to come by.

As Lucia Peters, the blog's sole content creator, likes to put it: Play at your own risk.

2. Creepypasta

The Creepypasta site (This site works too) is a collection of short horror stories meant to unnerve and thrill readers. The site's appeal comes from the fact that there isn't one sole content creator. Creepypastas can be written and submitted by anyone.

The term, "creepypasta" actually evolved from the term, "copypasta." You know those things you see on the internet that urge you to copy/paste a wall of text? Those are copypasta. You know copypastas that were meant to be scary? Those were the first creepypastas. But since then, they've evolved to be much more than copy/paste chain letters. This article does a great job of explaining.

Of course, you'll have to sift through a few mediocre ones to get to the real gems. But trust us, when they're good, they're good. It's worth mentioning that a fair share of modern day urban legends have roots here. No worries though, creepypastas are entirely fictional.

But then again, some do seem a little too plausible.

Favorite creepypastas: The Slenderman, The Rake, Squidward's Suicide, Normal Porn For Normal People

3. Saya In Underworld

If you haven't discovered the joys of Japanese urban legends and scary stories, you're in for a real treat with Saya In Underworld. Japanese urban legends are a personal favorite of mine, and some of them are bound to make really normal things unbearably scary. I'm looking at you, public toilets.

Saya, the blog's sole content creator, painstakingly translates Japanese creepypastas and spooky short stories to English, for all of us to enjoy.

Some really great ones are Binoculars, Fall-And-Die Village, and Incubation.

4. Stories For Ghosts

This blog has a ton of great reviews for horror films and novels written by a lady who seriously knows what she's talking about. Susannah's exploration of themes and ideas in a given body of work are well written and extremely thought provoking.

Whether you want to read her take on one of your favorites or you're looking for new recommendations, you won't be disappointed.

5. Girl Terror

Speaking of ladies who seriously know what they're talking about, we can't forget to mention Tiffany Villalpando over at Girl Terror.

Like Stories For Ghosts, Girl Terror offers thoughtful and compelling reviews of all things horror. However, each review is written through a specific and uniquely feminist lens.

Not only do her reviews thoughtfully highlight issues that women face in the horror film industry, they're also sassy, punchy, and will definitely make you laugh.

Good luck sleeping tonight!

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