Illinois Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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We all know Illinois is the place to be, but are you truly a local if you can't ace this quiz?

Pass this quiz about Illinois food, culture, and slang to prove you're a true native or local. It might be harder than you think! No cheating.

 Dec 08, 2018
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New Yorkers and their thin pizzas are nuts! In Illinois, the only way to eat pizza is:
With peppers
Deep dish
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"I want to touch up my makeup! I'm heading to the _______ really quickly."
Powder room
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If you're craving some amazing Italian beef, hot dogs, or french fries, then you should head to:
Culver's. Delicious!
Subway. Tasty!
Portillo's. Yum!
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Some Illinois students get a day off of school in March thanks to accomplishments by:
George Washington
Benedict Arnold
Casimir Pulaski
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If you're going to be working out or standing on your feet for a while, you'd better put on your best:
Tennis shoes
Gym shoes
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You've probably heard the phrase "it should be knee high by the fourth of July!" at least once. It refers to:
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Where in Illinois would you go if you wanted to enjoy views of steep, sweeping sandstone canyons and a flowing river?
Niagara Falls
Yellowstone National Park
Starved Rock State Park
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If you ask for a cheese toastie, you'll get:
A grilled cheese sandwich! Yum.
Cheese and crackers! Amazing.
Mac and cheese! Delicious.
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Which beloved president was an Illinois native?
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
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"Yup, Jim's a stand up guy. He's a regular ________, alright."
Family guy
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Which Illinois-made sandwich consists of a thick slice of toast, a hamburger patty, french fries, and cheese sauce?
A fool's gold loaf
A chimichurri
A horseshoe
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If someone says they're headed to the City for a fun weekend, which one are they referring to?
Most likely Chicago
Most likely Philly
Most likely New York
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You probably have fond childhood memories of days spent at ___.
Six Flags
Holiday World
Knott's Berry Farm
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Which delicious snack do we have Illinois to thank for?
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It definitely makes you cringe if you hear someone:
Say they love Illinois
Ask for some pickles on their burger
Pronounces the s in Illinois
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Which massive music festival held in Chicago do people all over the country look forward to going to each year?
Coachella, duh!
Bonnaroo, duh!
Lollapalooza, duh!
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A tailgate or barbecue just isn't as fun if there's not a game of:
Cornhole or bags!
Ultimate Frisbee
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No matter where you go, you'll always have pride for the ________!
Show Me
Praire State
Cornhusker State
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