Quiz: Which Creative Career Is Best for You?

Wondering what creative pursuits you should chase after? Look no further.

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 Sep 14, 2018
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Question: 1/14Pick Your Answer!

Which of these would you rather do for a date?
Go to a concert or show
See a great movie
Visit a museum

Question: 2/14Pick Your Answer!

Pick the best word that describes you!

Question: 3/14Pick Your Answer!

What are you most likely to do after a breakup?
Go out with your friends
Stay home and give yourself some TLC
Keep yourself busy with work or a hobby

Question: 4/14Pick Your Answer!

Which job sounds the worst to you?
Insurance broker

Question: 5/14Pick Your Answer!

What kind of book are you most likely to pick up?
A fantasy adventure
A murder mystery

Question: 6/14Pick Your Answer!

What do you usually do on Friday nights?
Grab some drinks with friends
Binge watch stuff on Netflix
Catch up on reading

Question: 7/14Pick Your Answer!

What kind of electives did you take in school?
Creative writing or photography
Choir or Theater

Question: 8/14Pick Your Answer!

Which one is your preferred workspace?
Your bedroom
A cozy cafe
Someplace outdoors if possible

Question: 9/14Pick Your Answer!

What sounds like a fun vacation?
All-inclusive resort or cruise

Question: 10/14Pick Your Answer!

Where are you drawn to when you go to museums?
Film pieces

Question: 11/14Pick Your Answer!

What do you usually do when you get a moment to yourself?
Listen to music

Question: 12/14Pick Your Answer!

Do you play any instruments?
I know how to, but I don't play often

Question: 13/14Pick Your Answer!

Pick a drink!

Question: 14/14Pick Your Answer!

Someone does an unexpected favor for you. How do you thank them?
Treat them to a meal and drinks
Handwritten note
Returning the favor
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Pursuing a creative career is challenging and can be scary at times. Sometimes you know you want to be creative but aren't sure what you should do. Should you pursue a career in music, art, or writing? Take this quiz to find out which creative career would be best for you.