Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Hit Show "Roseanne"?


"My son is gonna have to wear my daughters hand me downs, for real this time, not just for fun."

This quiz is a tougher quiz on the sitcom show Roseanne. It will ask various questions about the TV show and how well people remember it.

 Mar 30, 2016
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After leaving her job as a line worker at Wellman Plastics, Roseanne does NOT take up one of the menial jobs ________
floor sweeper at a beauty parlor
wedding cake deliverer
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Roseanne's husband was named ________
3 of 9Pick your answer!
Roseanne's sister Jackie was a ________
police officer
4 of 9Pick your answer!
Darlene surprises Roseanne with her talent for writing when she _________
gets published in the local newspaper
leaves her diary out for Roseanne to read
receives an award for poetry in a contest
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roseanne, movies/tv
Roseanne's own writing talents are encouraged by her family when they _________
buy her a computer to take with her
submit her writing to an essay contest about lawnmowers
fix up the basement to serve as her writer's den
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roseanne, movies/tv
Why does Becky temporarily move in with Jackie?
Jackie needs someone to keep her company
Roseanne and Dan forbid her to date Mark
She gets pregnant and Roseanne throws her out
7 of 9Pick your answer!
roseanne, movies/tv
______ gets an acceptance to art school while ______ gets rejected
Darlene, David
Becky, Mark
Roseanne, Jackie
8 of 9Pick you answer!
roseanne, movies/tv
Dan ________ after Darlene's wedding
wins the lottery
has a heart attack
divorces Roseanne
9 of 9Pick your answer!
roseanne, movies/tv
In the season's final episode, Roseanne reveals ___________
that she never won the lottery
that Becky became a famous actress
that Dan never died
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