Quiz: Can You Match The Trend To The Trendsetter?

audrey hepburn
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Who made your classic pearls edgy and your high-wasted jeans on point?

Fashion quiz. This is a quiz on fashion trends and who inspired them. This quiz will determine how well you know the origins of fashion trends.

 Mar 27, 2016
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Who influenced the rise of cone bras?
Marilyn Monroe
Katy Perry
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Who made platform shoes popular?
Stevie Knicks
Spice Girls
Maroon Five
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Wolf of Wall Street
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Which actress (and movie) started a huge sunglass fashion trend?
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's
Tom Cruise in Risky Business
Adam Sandler in Happy Gillmore
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Who started this trend?
Brad Pitt
James Dean
Johnny Depp
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Dirty Dancing, movies/tv
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Which decade popularized the crop top?
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Dirty Dancing, movies/tv
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What fashion trend did Diane Keaton inspire in Annie Hall?
High heels
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jennifer lawrence, style, fashion
Which person made the pencil skirt popular?
Jennifer Lawrence
Jackie Kennedy
Mandy Moore
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