Are You North Carolina Enough To Ace This Impossible NC Quiz? Bet Not!

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True North Carolina Natives Only, Please.

Don't even attempt this quiz if you don't know all of North Carolina's slang, popular dishes, and long-time traditions. Are you up to the challenge?

 Dec 03, 2018
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If you ask anyone around here they'll tell you which chain is hands down the best for fried chicken?
Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits
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How are you addressing a big group of friends around here?
You'se guys
Yinz guys
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Some consider it an acquired taste, but which of these soft drinks has been around in the Carolinas since 1917?
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And you'd better forget Dunkin' Donuts! It's all about:
Randy's Donuts, which started in NC!
Krispy Kreme, which started in NC!
Tim Horton's, which started in NC!
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How do you properly pronounce Appalachian?
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Which of these phrases sounds nice, but can sometimes have a less-than-nice meaning around here?
Oh bless me!
Bless your heart!
Oh, bless her soul!
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What on earth does "The Triangle" refer to?
Uh, the Bermuda Triangle...?
The way that most tobacco farms are situated in a triangle
The way that rivals UNC, Duke and NCSU are situated in a triangle
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23... means that you'll never forget which mega basketball star played for UNC?
Michael Jordan
Lebron James
Kobe Bryant
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Which 'relish' has everything (green tomatoes, cabbage, pepper, onion, carrot, green bean.) mixed in it?
Kitchen Sink Relish
Chow King Relish
Chow Chow Relish
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Which warm piece of bread pairs perfectly with any meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner?
Whole wheat sliced bread, of course!
Biscuits, of course!
Pita, of course!
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Oh don't y'all worry, in North Carolina, you can be sure your tea will always be:
Iced and sweetened
Iced and unsweetened
Hot and unsweetened
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In North Carolina, you grew up snacking on which of these popular snacks?
Puppy chow!
Toast chee!
Chex salad!
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Of course, you're wearing which color to cheer on the Tar Heels?!
Carolina Blue!
Carolina Green!
Carolina Navy!
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A pastime tradition for locals is to brew _____ at home, but beware, this drink is pretty strong!
Whiskey mix
Vodka tonics
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Whether it's sweet tea, lemonade or moonshine, you bet you might just be drinking it out of a:
Mason jar
Water bottle
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What other name is North Carolina known by?
The Sunshine State
The Tar Heel State
The Show Me State
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Which meat dish (consisting of pig liver, cornmeal, and seasoning) sounds questionable, but is quite good?
Hot Dog
Patty melt
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Around here, if you order a hot dog "all the way" you know it'll be coming with all of which ingredients?
Ketchup, mustard and pickles
Chili, mayo and banana peppers
Onion, mustard, coleslaw and chili
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No matter where you may go, you'll always be so proud to be from the:
Show Me State!
Gem State!
Tar Heel State!
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If your mama says she's "fixin to" go to the store, that means:
She's really dreading going to the store
She's making arrangements to get groceries delivered
She's planning to go get some groceries
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