3 Best Skincare Products to Use in the Midwest During Winter

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Time to bring out the moisturizer!

Colder weather is finally here, but what does that mean for your skincare products?

During the summer you were probably applying a lot of products with SPF to protect your complexion from the sun. Now it's time to stock up on some chapstick and extra-hydrating moisturizers.

We created a list of products that will keep your skin hydrated and glowing during the colder months, so keep scrolling to discover which ones you need to grab during your next Target run.

1. Fight Those Chapped Lips

We've all been there. The chilly weather picks up and there go your smooth lips. Not to worry, applying lip balm and incorporating a lip scrub into your routine can leave you with smooth lips.

You don't have to worry about using your favorite matte lipstick and having it dry out your lips. Using a lip scrub or a lip moisturizing treatment before applying your makeup can help you fight off chapped lips throughout the day.

Here are a couple of lip balms and lip scrubs:

Lip Balm

1. Dr. Bronner's Organic Lip Balm You can find it at Target or online.

2. ChapStick Total Hydration 3-in-1 Lip Balm You can find it at Target or online.

Lip Scrubs

1. Overnight Intensive Burt's Bees Treatment Fight chap lips while you sleep! You can find it at Target or online.

2. Fresh Beauty Sugar Lip Scrub Apply scrub with your finger to soften dry lips and remove with a warm cloth. Then apply any lip gloss or lip stick! You can find it at Sephora or online.

2. Moisturizer Is a Must

Moisturizing your skin is always important, but colder weather can really dry out your skin and make you lose any natural glow. Before applying any makeup or primer, it is very important to apply a face moisturizer that will lock in moisture and also serve as a good base for your makeup.

We've all been there when we just apply foundation and primer and think it's enough, it's not. Especially if you have sensitive skin or your skin is prone to acne, moisturizing can help fight any unwanted redness and break outs.

Here is a couple of moisturizers you might want to think adding to your skin regime:


1. Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Gel-Cream Extra Dry Skin

Made from olive oil extract, this looks like a gel but works as a moisturizer to leave you with healthy and hydrated skin. You can wear it alone or under your makeup.

Shop for it at Target or on Neutrogena.

2. RoC Multi Correxion 5-in-1 Daily Moisturizer

Fight off dry skin, discoloration, and dull tones with this all-in-one moisturizer. It also has SPF 30, so it'll protect your skin from the sun no matter the season.

You can shop for it at Ulta beauty or buy it online.

3. BareMinerals True Oasis Oil-Free Replenishing Gel Cream

If you have oily skin, this one is for you! It's an oil-free moisturizer that will keep your face hydrated without creating unwanted oil. Even though you have oily skin, a good moisturizer is important when the weather gets colder.

You can shop for it at Sephora or online.

3. Seasons Change and So Does Our Skin Tone

You have worked all summer for that nice glow or tan and now its winter again, sooner or later that glow will be gone. Dull skin is not going to be a trending look any time soon.

A great way to maintain your glow is to apply radiance boosters and self-tanners. We are not saying you should run and get a spray tan, but there are oils, creams, and mists that can still give you a nice tan look.

Here are a couple of products to lock in the golden goddess look:


1. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Radiance Booster

This will bring out your skins natural glow while also giving your skin some hydration. Apply it before your makeup or wear it alone.

Shop for it at Sephora or online.

2. L'Oréal Visible Lift Radiance Booster

Brightening your skin while leaving you with a smooth finish, this radiance booster will give you a natural glow while also hydrating your skin.

Shop for it at Target or online.

3. St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil

We all love a natural glow. It has a 100 percent natural tanning agent and can last up to seven days. You can wear it under your makeup, too.

Shop for it at Sephora or on Amazon.

4. St Tropez Gradual Tan (Body) or St Tropez Gradual Tan (Face Cream)

Maintain a natural glow all winter while also fighting dry skin and uneven skin tone by slathering this baby all over your face and body. You can purchase one specifically for your body and one for your face, but why not both?

Shop for it at Sephora or online.

These are just some simple hacks to keep your skin healthy and hydrated during the cold weather. Switch out some products or just add it to your current mix to keep your skin in pristine condition during the colder months.

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