Sorry Kansans, There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Tricky KS Quiz! Up To It?

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Do you know Kansas as well as you think you do? Put it to the test!

Born and raised in Kansas? Think you know the lingo? Let's see if can get 100% on this Kansas quiz, only a true native can!

 Dec 07, 2018
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What other name is Kansas known by?
The Horse State
The Bison State
The Sunflower State
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Kansas natives don't need to worry about hurricanes, but they sure do need to worry about:
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Which MLB team is from Kansas City, but technically not from Kansas ?
The Twins
The Indians
The Royals
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Sounds a little odd, but Kansas is actually home to the world's largest ball of:
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Talk about humble beginnings... Which super hero is from Smallville, Kansas?
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It's always fun to play ______ at tailgates and barbecues!
Horse shoe toss
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What makes Kansas BBQ different than all the rest?
It's a mixture of ketchup and applesauce
It's a mixture of molasses and tomato sauce
It's a mixture worchestire sauce and apple sauce
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What crop made Kansas known as the Bread Basket of America?
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A state divided... What two schools have a huge rivalry in Kansas?
Wichita State vs. Kansas University
Fort Hays State vs. Wichita State
Kansas State vs. Kansas University
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What is the mascot for KU?
The Wildcats
The Jayhawks
The Tigers
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And what about K-State?
The Wildcats
The Jayhawks
The WuShock
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Which iconic movie famously gets its start in Kansas?
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Taxi Driver
The Wizard of Oz
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How do you properly pronounce Olathe?
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There's only been one president from Kansas and he is:
George W. Bush
Barack Obama
Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Forget the Big Apple, which KS city is known as the Little Apple?
Manhattan, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas
Abilene, Kansas
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Around here, ________ is an unlikely, but completely delicious combo!
Blueberry muffins and gumbo
Cinnamon rolls and chili
Chocolate pastries and cheddar soup
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If you want to visit the State Fair (AKA the Biggest Party on the Prairie), you better pack up the car and head to:
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What's the name of that hilly region in Southeast Kansas?
The Foot Hills
The Southern Hills
The Sandy Hills
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Which Kansas city is known as the air capital of the world?
Topeka, duh!
Manhattan, obviously!
Wichita, of course!
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No matter where you go, you'll always have some love for the ______ of America!
Moral Compass
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