Hawaii Slang - It’s A Thing! How Many Phrases Do You Know?

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Do you know Hawaii as well as you think you do?

Are you a Hawaiian local? Do you think you know all the lingo and facts about Hawaii? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

 Dec 01, 2018
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When the food is so delicious, there is no other way to express yourself but to say the food ...
Is yum!
Is broker good!
Broke the mouth!
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And when someone is trying to say they are leaving, they will say they are going to:
Drop out
Bail out
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That shirt is kinda 'boro boroz', don't you think?
Worn out
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It is a great day to surf when the waves are 'bumboocha'.
Slow and steady
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Some states may have stray dogs or cats in the streets but in Hawaii you might find a lot of stray:
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If a Hawaiian local wishes you 'dog luck' what does that mean?
For you to get plenty of food
Good luck
Wishing you with plenty of children
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This type of style is unofficial but to Hawaiians it's a real thing. It's:
Island style
Surfer style
Volcano style
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What do Poké stops mean in Hawaii ?
Place for you to catch your Pokemon
Place where you can get Poke bowls
Place where you can get gas
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This Hawaiian dessert is absolutely delicious and an island favorite. Local McDonalds even sell it.
It's key-lime pie!
It's mud pie!
It's haupia pie
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When you hear pidgin in Hawaii, what is it referring to?
A type of food
A common language spoken in Hawaii
A bird
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Longs Drug store is actually a _______, but locals are just too attached to the original name.
Rite Aid
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Hawaiians seriously love which of these discount stores (Just don't go on Sundays, you will never be able to check out).
Smart & Final
Sam's Club
13 of 18True or False?
Leis in Hawaii are only ever made out of flowers.
Definitely true, only flowers!
So false! We make them out of lots of things.
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Canned meat, rice and seaweed make for an amazing lunch. What is this dish called?
Spam musubi
Ham scramble
Ham and rice sandwich
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These kind of farm animals can also be family pets.
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If someone says "Where you stay?" What are they asking?
Where are you going?
Where are you?
Where are you living?
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Haven't seen you in a while! 'Howizt?'
What have you been doing?
How is everything?
Where have you been?
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POG is delicious and very refreshing. Hawaiians love it!
It's Passion, Orange, Guava!
It's sweet tea!
It's a Hawaiian version of an Arnold Palmer!
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