California Lingo - It’s A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do YOU Know?

Do you really speak like you're from California?

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 Dec 05, 2018
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Question: 1/19Finish the Phrase!

June ____.

Question: 2/19Choose your answer!

If you order an "animal style" burger at In-n-Out, what will you get?
A burger with extra pickles, "spread" and mustard, plus grilled onions
An extra patty
Fried pickles

Question: 3/19Choose your answer!

If your friend is totally stoked to hang out later, they're:
Worried about it

Question: 4/19Choose your answer!

Do you call it a freeway or a highway?

Question: 5/19Choose your answer!

What does a Sigalert mean?
There's an accident on the freeway or something blocking freeway lanes
The freeways are extra clear today
There's been an abduction

Question: 6/19Choose your answer!

Distance in California is best measured by:
Minutes spent in traffic

Question: 7/19Choose your answer!

People from California NEVER call California ______.
The Sunshine State
La La Land

Question: 8/19Choose your answer!

What does 'hella' mean?
Over There
Really or Very

Question: 9/19Choose your answer!

If people are talking about "the industry" in CA, they probably mean:
The oil industry
The entertainment industry
The food industry

Question: 10/19Finish the phrase!

_______ is always extra, and always extra delicious.

Question: 11/19Choose your answer!

Californians will argue that this is the best theme park ever (and the Happiest Place On Earth):
Worlds of Fun

Question: 12/19Choose your answer!

CA's a big state... If you're driving with relatively little traffic, how long does it take to drive up the Coast from San Diego to SF?
About 4 or 5 hours
About 19 or 20 hours
About 8 or 9 hours

Question: 13/19Choose your answer!

Yum, If you just got some "dank" tacos, they must be:

Question: 14/19Choose you answer!

What does 'The Big One' refer to?
An earthquake
A sale
A wave

Question: 15/19Choose your answer!

Californians love repping their state flag - what type of animal is on it?
A porcupine
A dolphin
A bear

Question: 16/19Choose your answer!

"Gnarly" roughly translates to:
Something surprising
Something nasty
Anything super good or super bad

Question: 17/19True or False?

At the end of 2017 California legalized recreational marijuana usage.

Question: 18/19Choose your answer!

California has the tallest tree in the world and it's a __________.

Question: 19/19Choose your answer!

You'd better pick a side... There's an intense rivalry between which two baseball teams?
The 49ers and the Dodgers!
The Dodgers and the Kings!
The Dodgers and the Giants! | Quiz Facts

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