Can You Ace This Ultimate Brooklyn Quiz? Bet Not!

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Do YOU know Brooklyn?

Take this quiz on Brooklyn slang, trivia, local food spots and tourist attractions to see if you know NYC's most populous borough like a local does!

 Dec 20, 2018
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Hey there, Brooklyn local! Since you've found your way here to this Brooklyn quiz, we can only assume that you're some type of Brooklyn local, lifelong native, enthusiast, traveler, tourist, or have family or friends that are one of the above. Well, you're certainly in the right place. This eighteen question quiz was literally made for anyone interested in Brooklyn. Including those who once lived there or currently lived there. Be warned though, this tricky trivia quiz is no walk in (Central) park. You'll need to know a whole lot about Brooklyn slang, lingo, pronunciation, trivia, street names, areas, favorite food spots, favorite foods, and so much more! A cursory knowledge of this part of New York City just won't do!

You'll need to be well versed in lingo like brick, snapped, and salty. And you'll need to know all about cheap and delicious pizza and hot dog stands, as well as restaurants. Being the most populous borough of New York City with over two million six hundred thousand residents, there definitely is a lot to ask about Brooklyn and a whole lot of unique slang that has developed in the area. Locals can spot a tourist from miles away.

If you are a tourist to Brooklyn, however, don't sweat it! You can still take this quiz and see how you do. But also has a whole plethora of other state and city quizzes for you to take. Wherever you call home, has a quiz on it! So go ahead, take a fun two minute quiz on your hometown or state and see if you know it as well as you think you do! Be warned though... it might be a little harder than you're expecting!