Quiz: We know What Movie Rules You Break Based On These Questions

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Which ones are you guilty of breaking?

This is a movie/ personality quiz that will determine what rules you break at the movie theater based on personal questions

 Feb 14, 2016
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Cinema Paradiso
You're watching a fight scene and can't stand that the main character is losing, you _________
give up and take a nap
grab the person's hand next to you
call your friend and ask why they told you'd like this part
find something to snack on and distract you
tell your friends to be quiet so you can listen
yell at them to stop playing around
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movie theater
You're in a long line at the grocery store and someone's baby won't stop crying, you _________
start talking to a random person in line about the annoyance
mimic the baby's cry
go up to the dad and start to help calm the baby without permission
start making faces at the baby
yell at the dad to control their kid
whip out your phone and take a pic of your annoyed face for snapchat
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tina fey, amy poehler
Your absolute favorite movie snack is ____________
hot dogs
ice cream
Reeses pieces
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Annie Hall
The best part about the movie theater is __________
the sound
the snacks
the comfy seats
getting to relax
the giant screen
the funny people
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When someone is annoying you, you __________
make noise and pretend like they don't exist
purposefully annoy them
get in their space
call them out and tell them to shut up
make fun of them
text someone more interesting
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This makes you ____________
want to quit
want to scream
feel like it's time for a break
feel like it's time for a snack break
want to take a nap
want to write an email of complaint to the website
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When was the last time you went to see a movie at the theater?
A couple of months ago
I've never been to see a movie in theaters
Years ago
Last night
Not recently, but I'm going tomorrow
Last week
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