Quiz: You’ll Only Know These Street Names If You’ve Lived In Manhattan

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New York is a metropolitan mecca of the modern world. This quiz covers the whole island to test your knowledge of the streets.

 Jan 26, 2017

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Which street was home to the ad agencies of the 1950s?
5th Avenue
Madison Avenue

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Which street has no suffix (i.e. avenue, boulevard, street)?

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What is the official name of 6th Avenue?
Historic 6th Avenue
Avenue of the Americas
New York Avenue

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At what intersection is Times Square?
Madison Ave and 2nd
Broadway and 7th
Park and 5th

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Which of the following is a street just two blocks long in in the East Village?
Astor Place
5th Avenue
Queens Blvd.

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What street is also the name of a musical?
42nd Street
44th Street
7th Avenue

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Simon and Garfunkel sing about this street.
Bleecker Street
York Ave
Houston Street

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What is the unofficial name of 6th Avenue?
Madison Avenue
Avenue of the Americas
Park Avenue

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What is the longest street in New York?
5th Avenue
44th Street

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Where would you shop for high-end real estate?
1st Street
York Avenue
Park Avenue

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located on:
53rd Street
5th Street
141st Street

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Where can you watch a taping of Saturday Night Live?
Lexington Avenue
Rockefeller Plaza
59th Street

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If you’re listening to jazz at the legendary Cotton Club you’re on __________.
West 125th Street
1st Avenue
St. Clair Place

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On which street can you buy and sell stocks?
Park Avenue
Wall Street
42nd Street

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What street is so short it has no building addresses?
137th Street
3rd Avenue
Dyer Street
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