Quiz: You'll Only Know These Street Names If You've Lived In Dallas

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How Well Do You Know the Streets of "The Big D?"

Try these challenging quiz questions to see how well you can navigate the streets of Dallas without getting lost.

 Jan 25, 2017
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If you're cheering on the Dallas Cowboys in the AT&T Stadium, you are on _____.
Legends Way
Market Street
Austin Street
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The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza on _____ chronicles the life of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States.
Birch Street
Elm Street
Pine Street
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Drive down _____ and ogle over the multi-million dollar mansions in this posh residential neighborhood.
Creek Crossing Drive
Alto Garden Drive
Meadowood Road
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Which Dallas landmark on Reunion Boulevard features a dazzling geodesic ball atop a 560-foot tower?
the Reunion Tower
the Dallas Bell Tower
the Dallas Tower
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What Dallas street are you on if you are listening to strains of the blues and lively rock music at The House of Blues?
N. Lamar Street
Record Street
Ross Avenue
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A popular photo op with tourists is the sculpture of forty-nine bronze longhorn cattle in Pioneer Plaza on which street?
Young Street
Canton Street
Patterson Street
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Which building are you in if you are on the corner of Young and Ervay Streets in Dallas?
the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library
the Adolphus Hotel
the Bryan Tower
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No shopping spree in Dallas is complete without a visit to Neiman Marcus on ________Street.
San Jacinto
N. Akard
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On which street would you find the Dallas Museum of Art in the vibrant Dallas Arts District?
Harwood Street
Wood Street
Bryant Street
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Which street would you be on if you took your out-of-town relatives to the Dallas World Aquarium?
Jackson Street
Garland Street
N. Griffin Street
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