Quiz: A True Ohio Local Should Get 15/15 On This Test. Can You?

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Are you a true Ohioan? Prove it!

Fun questions about living in the state of Ohio, covering everything from Cedar Point to The Ohio State University!

 Jan 17, 2018
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Where can you find The Best Band in the Land?
The Ohio State University
The University of Cincinnati
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
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Where is the roller coaster capital of the world?
Universal Studios
Cedar Point
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What's the proper term for a carbonated beverage?
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Where can you get Stadium Mustard?
Playhouse Square
Progressive Field
The Richfield Coliseum
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What's the name of the river that infamously caught on fire? (Note: it was a long time ago - the river is a-ok now!)
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What talk show host had a political career in Ohio?
Jerry Springer
Jimmy Kimmel
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The Drew Carey Show took place in which Ohio city? (Hint: it rocks!)
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Real chili is served over spaghetti and is from this restaurant:
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Finish this phrase: "O-H"
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Who says "Who Dey"?
Bengals fans
Cavs fans
Browns fans
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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is located in this city, where the term "rock & roll" originated.
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Which of these is part of the Lake Erie Islands?
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The largest fan base in the NFL belongs to which team?
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What candy represents the perfect combination of peanut butter covered in chocolate?
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Ohio is:
The Heart of It All!
The Ocean State.
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