The Best New Beauty, Health, and Wellness Brands [2018]

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Best Beauty, Health, and Wellness Brands of 2018

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We're always trying to get our hands on the coolest new products from the beauty, health, and wellness space. Our home is overflowing with products, because we simply can't get enough of 'em.

So when editors Sophie Matthews and Ashley Locke were invited to attend FounderMade's Consumer Discovery Show in Santa Monica, California this year, they jumped at the chance to be surrounded by a plethora of groundbreaking brands in the beauty, health, and wellness sphere.

The girls were introduced to plenty of new brands and rekindled their relationship with some old favorites, as well.

Scroll below to discover their favorite beauty, health, and wellness companies from the event!

Ashley Locke's Favorite Beauty, Health, and Wellness Brands

The Crème Shop

The Crème Shop crafts the most darling beauty products you'll ever lay eyes on. From sheet masks and toners to eyelashes and makeup brushes, you'll find everything you could ever need. I live for their face masks, because they're the cutest you'll ever put on your face. They just launched a new collaboration with Sanrio that I'm absolutely obsessed with. If you're looking for the most endearing skincare products around, you've found them.

Shop Good

After speaking with Shop Good's founder Leah Kirpalani, I was so inspired by her story to ditch the corporate life and become an expert on clean living and holistic health. After her eight year health journey, she opened Shop Good—a clean beauty and wellness boutique located in San Diego, California. They're essentially your one-stop shop for all things good, such as non-toxic makeup and chemical-free deodorant.


Kopari is a brand I've known about for a few years now, but fell even more in love with them when visiting their booth at CDS. They offer plenty of coconut oil-based beauty products that smell divine. One whiff and you're ready to buy their whole line. At CDS, they were supporting their aluminum-free coconut deodorant and gave out armpit facials to showcase the power of their deodorant. Essentially, the facials were needed to rid your pits of the toxic chemicals from other deodorant. So I laid back, had a nice clay mask slathered on my pits, and felt the detox work its magic. Now my pits are primed and ready to begin my journey with natural deodorant. Let's see if I can stick with it.

Sophie Matthews' Favorite Beauty, Health, and Wellness Brands

Type A

I was especially impressed with Type A, a deodorant company that creates high performing yet safe products. It's hard to find a deodorant that has clean ingredients but actually works. Their goal is to create clean and honest products that are effective, which can seem like a "pie in the sky" aspiration. But it's not! Type A goes on smooth and doesn't leave a weird, dry, feeling. Your clothes aren't ruined and your coworker doesn't smell you later in the day. We were able to meet the founder of Type A, Allison Moss, and we were blown away by her commitment, drive, and determination. No wonder it's called Type A!

Cordial Organics

CBD oil is getting more and more popular, and for good reason. Cordial Organics is a new generation of beauty products formulated with the healing powers of CBD. From facial oils to chapsticks, Cordial Organics gives you beautiful, clean products that actually help you and your ailments. We were lucky enough to try the CBD infused lemon bitters, a few drops added to sparkling water and the back pain I had from the day went away. And because the cannabis industry is getting more popular, it's prodominently filled with men. Well, founders Desi & Shelly are changing that, too and pioneering an industry for women.

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Getting emails like this from you all makes our week - "I don't know what kind of magic ingredients you put into my balm...but they're life savers!⠀ ⠀ This morning, I am using Restore Balm to ward off a migraine again... and it's working! As it often does. ⠀ ⠀ Having coped with this terrible disease for my entire life, I find it hard to believe anything natural will consistently work to stave off the symptoms. ⠀ ⠀ I'm having a love affair with the restore balm, right now, and I hope it never ends!" .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #painrelief #migrainessuck #migraine #soremusclesalve #painmanagementsolutions #healingtools #healingspices #healingwithcbd #hempheals #hemp #hempoil #inflammationrelief #inflammationsupport #cordialorganics #healingbalm #bodyandmindtherapy #healingbalm #qi #cbdforhealth #cbd #cbdforlife #cbdtopicals #cbdforheadaches #medicinal #chronicpain #stressedout #invisibleillness ⠀ ⠀

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I was so excited to see Haleys at FounderMade. Their liquid matte makeup successfully helps with complexion issues and imperfections are covered up leaving a clean and natural look. Better yet? There are 37 shades, meaning the Haleys brand thinks of all women. A little goes along way and all the products have a beautiful, sleek design, perfect for your bathroom shelf or a long trip. Customers go wild over the RE:FRESH Cleansing Stick which removes makeup and refreshes skin all in one easy step. And the best news of all? You can find Haleys in Target.

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