Quiz: Can You Answer These 13 Questions Every Boulder Native Should Get?


See how much you know about the ins and outs of your city!

Questions for Boulder natives about the city's favorite foods, modes of transportation, places to wine and dine, and MORE!

 Nov 21, 2017
1 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Which wacky race is held each year featuring hand-built vehicles?
the Boulder Dash
the Robotics Race
the Kinetic Sculpture Race
2 of 13Pick the correct answer!
If you order pho, what will your waiter bring you?
a tomato-based fish stew
a Vietnamese rice noodle soup
a puff pastry dessert
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What popular television show of the 1970s was filmed in Boulder and featured Robin Williams?
Mork and Mindy
The Dukes of Hazzard
Happy Days
4 of 13Pick the correct answer!
If you're browsing for a good book to read at the Boulder Book Store, you are on ___ street.
Pearl Street
11th Street
Morrison Alley
5 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Tourists can take in the sights of Boulder on ____.
the Boulder Trolley
the Big Blue Boulder Bus
Banjo Billy's Bus
6 of 13Pick the correct answer!
What nickname is often given to Boulder?
City of Millionaires
Berkeley of the Rockies
Garden Spot of Colorado
7 of 13Pick the correct answer!
What is the Third Flatiron?
a popular disco nightclub
a skyscraper in the downtown area of Boulder
a rock formation
8 of 13Pick the correct answer!
If you're like most Boulderites, you get from place to place by ___.
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Who is Boulder's favorite cannibal that even has a restaurant named in his honor?
Hannibal Lecter
Alfred (Alferd) Packer
William Gilpin
10 of 13Pick the correct answer!
You are most likely to people-watch in Boulder while dining at an outdoor cafe on which street?
Pearl Street
Ruby Street
Opal Street
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Boulder is located about thirty miles ___ of Denver.
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What is the name of CU's mascot?
13 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Which actress grew up in Boulder and attended Fairview High School?
Reese Witherspoon
Jessica Biel
Sarah Jessica Parker
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