Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions Everyone From Louisiana Should Get?

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A quiz about po'boys, beignets, jazz, Mardi Gras and MORE for Louisiana lovers!!

A fun, quick quiz about Louisiana including crawfish, beignets, jazz, and alligators plus famous landmarks and people.

 Nov 22, 2017
1 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Which famous jazz musician was born in New Orleans?
Louis Armstrong
John Coltrane
Miles Davis
2 of 13Pick the correct answer!
What are the three official colors of Mardi Gras?
yellow, blue, and green
red, white, and blue
purple, gold, and green
3 of 13Pick the correct answer!
What is the name of the mascot of Louisiana State University?
Barney (bear)
Mike (tiger)
Leo (lion)
4 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Louisiana was named for ___.
Louis Armstrong
King Louis X
King Louis XIV
5 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Louisiana has the distinction of having the ____ state capitol building in the U.S.
most expensive
6 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Louisiana is famous for its oysters, crawfish, and ____ .
7 of 13Pick the correct answer!
What does the name Baton Rouge mean?
green stick
baton stick
red stick
8 of 13Pick the correct answer!
When you order an authentic Louisiana po'boy, it comes on _____.
an English muffin
a sourdough roll
French bread
9 of 13Pick the correct answer!
"Pinch the tail and suck the head" describes how you eat _____ in Louisiana.
10 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Which city in Louisiana is the "Frog Capital of the World?"
11 of 13Pick the correct answer!
What are your beignets at Cafe Du Monde topped with?
finely chopped Louisiana pecans
whipped cream
powdered sugar
12 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Louisiana's nickname is ____ .
the "Mardi Gras State"
the "Pelican State"
the "Crawfish State"
13 of 13Pick the correct answer!
The site of the only battle fought outside the original 13 colonies during the American Revolution was ___.
Baton Rouge
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