Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions Every Staten Island Local Should Get?

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Test your Staten Island savvy!

Maybe you can walk the walk, but can you talk the talk? Staten Island slang only true natives could translate.

 Nov 23, 2016

1 of 13Pick the correct answer!

Staten Island is the __________ of the boroughs.
least populated

2 of 13Pick the correct answer!

What does, "She thinks who she is," mean?
She's having an identity crisis!
She's confident!
She's conceited...

3 of 13Pick the correct answer!

When someone calls you "doozy pots" what do they mean?
You're funny!
You're crazy!
You're lactose intolerant!

4 of 13Pick the correct answer!

What's a "Mommadella"?
An old Italian lady
A pizza chef
A nerd at school

5 of 13Pick the correct answer!

A "Ciuccio" is someone who:
Is a mama's boy.
Eats gluten free.
Is a dumb oaf.

6 of 13Pick the correct answer!

In Staten Island, what is the term "brick" used to describe?
Thin crust pizza
Cold weather
Driving too slow

7 of 13Pick the correct answer!

What does "Skeeved out" translate to?
Being scared of the dark.
Being grossed out.
Being nervous.

8 of 13Pick the correct answer!

What does "I'm fit" mean?
I'm hungry.
I'm committed to our plans.
I'm going to sleep.

9 of 13Pick the correct answer!

Shaolin is another name for what?
Staten Island
The ferry
New York City

10 of 13Pick the correct answer!

What is a "cafone"?
Someone who loves cannoli.
A school bully.
Someone with poor manners.

11 of 13Pick the correct answer!

To Staten Islanders, what are "kicks"?

12 of 13Pick the correct answer!

Who is Scooter?
A beloved Staten Island pastry chef.
The Staten Island Yankees mascot.
The ghost of a little boy who haunts Staten Island streets.

13 of 13Pick the correct answer!

When someone tells you to "throw hands", what does that mean?
To leave them alone.
To play a game of catch.
To fight.
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