Take It Off: The Rise of Low Maintenance Hair

Victoria's Secret, southern california

Styling just ain't no thang.

If you look at the history of women's hair, you might see a LOT of crazy styles from the past.

Marcel Wave from the 30s, Lucille Ball's poodle cut from the 40s, the beehive of the 60s, the feather in the 70, and the weird crimping hair phase that went on during the 1980s.

All-in-all in can be really tough to manage hair. You get up early in the morning to make sure every "hair" is perfectly in place for your day. You have to apply a series of products, use straighteners, blow-dryers, blowtorch, etc. to get the perfect look. Not to mention all the crazy products that are involved.

That's why we are officially declaring the 2010s, the decade of the low-maintenance hair! More women are going short, or keeping things relatively easy going.

Reasons Low-Maintenance Hair Is The Best

  1. It's easy
  2. It's healthier for your hair
  3. Special occasions feel even more special
  4. Air is the perfect blowdryer
  5. It's ACTUALLY in style