Where To Watch Season 22 Episode 5 Online, On TV, And Stream

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Catch all the upcoming drama of The Bachelor Season 22 Episode 5, Online, On TV and On Streaming Platforms

Where to Watch The Bachelor Season 22 Episode 5


The Bachelor season 22 episode 5 continue this week. You know how it goes Bachelor Nation. Every week the episode number gets higher, and the group of women gets smaller. Already ready for the next bachelor adventure/mayhem with The Bachelor season 22 episode 5? We don't blame you. Last week, Arie moved his gaggle of girls out of the bachelor mansion and out to Lake Tahoe. In Episode 4, black bears roamed free (along with crazy blondes), mountains were climbed, and apparently, now the way to a man's heart is to drink your pee or eat worms. We also finally found out Bekah M's real age! Need to find out what's next? Here's where to watch The Bachelor, Season 22 Episode 5 online and on TV!

Where Can I Buy the Bachelor Season 22 Episode 5


Parents back up the Tivo with their ancient sitcoms? Is your roommate's boyfriend a tv-hogging-couch-potato? Love the Bachelor more than life itself and want to own every single episode? Well, you're in luck! You can now buy and download season 22 of the Bachelor on Amazon and watch the episodes as they become available. The entire season costs $19.99, and the episodes become available to download and watch after the episodes air. You can also buy episodes individually for $2.99. So if episode 5 turns out to be your favorite episode yet, you can buy it after you watch! And, you never have to worry about missing a white- wine spritzer fueled argument between the girls again!

Where Can I Watch the Bachelor Season 22 Episode 5 On TV?


There is nothing fun about Mondays. But there is something fun about watching women compete in a demolition derby, wrestle each other, use binoculars to spy on dates, try to use maps, and eat worms all in the name of love. These are just a few things that have happened on The Bachelor Season 22 so far. The Bachelor airs every Monday at 8|7c on ABC and episode 5 of season 22 is no exception. Season 22, episode 5 will air on Monday, January 29th at 8|7c on ABC. If you're trying to make those New Year's resolutions last until February and already booked Soul Cycle for that time, no worries you can stream the Bachelor online. Maybe even during your class. Nothing gets our heart rates up like a one on one.

Where Can I Watch the Bachelor Season 22 Episode 5 Online for Free


Missed the live stream of the Bachelor? You can watch season 22, episode 5 of the Bachelor online for free at ABC. The latest episodes are added 24 hours after the episode airs. All you have to do is sign in with your cable provider, and you are all set for two hours of quality bonding with Arie, alcohol and his gang of gals. Best news of all? It's free to stream with cable.

You can also watch season 22 episode 5 online for free without signing into your cable provider a week after the episode airs on ABC. But, remember that ABC only lets you watch the five most recent episodes of a show for free on their site. Then, they lock the episode. So, make sure to catch up quickly!

Can I Watch The Bachelor Season 22 Episode 5 on Hulu?


If you are a stream queen, you can also watch the Bachelor season 22 episode 5 on Hulu. Like ABC, Hulu uploads the most recent Bachelor episodes after the original episode airs. Hulu also has a live stream feature called Hulu Stream. Here you can watch season 22 of the Bachelor live through ABC as the episodes air. Just sign in, and you're eligible to watch the Bachelor in real time.

Can I Watch The Bachelor Season 22 Episode 5 on Netflix?


Sadly, stream queens cannot stream The Bachelor on Netflix. But fingers crossed they follow January Jones's lead and join the Bachelor party soon.

What Can I Expect to See On The Bachelor Season 22 Episode 5?


So now that you know where to watch, what can you expect to watch on the Bachelor season 22 episode 5? Heat. Literally. Arie will be taking the girls to Fort Lauderdale aka his future retirement neighborhood and from the looks of it, things will get pretty feisty. If not between Arie and his ladies, then between the girls and Krystal whose shaping up to be this seasons villain. Also rumors of a new political movement starting against glam shamers. You most definitely don't want to miss out.

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The Bachelor Airs Every Monday At 8|7c on ABC!

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