The Best Instagram Captions For Every Type of Man Crush Monday


The Best Instagram Captions For Every Type of Man Crush Monday - From the Romantic Posts to the Pizza Posts

The Best Instagram Captions For Man Crush Monday

For every event in the calendar, there's usually an Instagram post that follows it. Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, whatever it is, the Insta feed is continuously flooded with filtered pics, posed or candid. But you don't need a holiday season to post an excellent themed selfie. If you're stuck on the letter M, look no further than your significant other for #mancrushmonday or #mcm. There's no better way to get over your weekend blues than with a cute Instagram post complete with a heartfelt caption of your man. Or a slice of your favorite pizza. Either works. If you're looking for some inspiration for your #mancrushmonday Instagram caption, then look no further. Here are the best Instagram captions for #MCM!

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Best Instagram Captions for Man Crush Monday: The Romantic

Madly in love with your man? Is 2018 the year he's going to put a ring on it? Four months into the relationship but you just really want show everyone (especially your Instagram followers) how much you love you bae? Then these captions are for you.

  • I fall for you every day
  • M&M's - Mondays and my man
  • You're my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye
  • You will always be my #MCM
  • You stole my heart, but you can keep it
  • Always better together
  • Every day is a good day since you came my way

Best Instagram Captions for Man Crush Monday: For The Bae

Not into labels but still want to give your guy the Instagram shout out he deserves? Then these captions are for you.

  • Hey bae bae
  • Hey cutie
  • You're my spark in the dark
  • You're one in a melon
  • What's cooking good looking
  • Thanks for swiping right
  • Fave babe

Best Instagram Caption for Man Crush Monday: For the Pizza

Man Crush Monday a slice of pizza? Or any other food item that has always been there for you no matter what? Give it the recognition it deserves with these captions. Pizza may make you cheat on your diet but it will never cheat on you.

  • Never lets me down
  • Always here for me
  • Thanks for being so warm and loveable
  • Love my man soft and warm
  • I'll never let go
  • He stole a pizza of my heart
  • I fancy a pizza you

Best Man Crush Monday Captions: For The Savage

If you're not shy about letting the Instagram world know that your man is officially off the market, then these captions are for you.

  • Sorry your Throwback Thursday is my Man Crush Monday
  • Your Man Crush Monday is My Throwback Thursday
  • He's mine sorry

So there you have it, ladies. When a man loves a woman, he cant keep his mind on nothing else and when a woman loves a man she posts an Instagram about it every Monday.

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